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Anne was born in Hawaii. During her twenties she lived and worked as an international journalist. This work took her to the People's Republic of China, Burma, Sri Lanka, and Panama, and gave her a unique perspective on women and traditional wisdom. She later married and settled in Northern California to raise a family, and began writing books and articles about women and the feminine relationship to life.

Through the experience of her own inner journey, which she has written about in her articles, Hallowed Ground and On Meditation, she began to lead workshops and retreats for women around the United States on spirituality in everyday life and the healing nature of dreams.

Anne has been a speaker at numerous global conferences for women, including the Global Peace Initiative of Women at the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland; Making Way for the Feminine for the Benefit of the World Community in Jaipur, India; and Cultivating Women's Spiritual Mastery in Italy.
Annes continues to write books and articles about women's natural wisdom and sacred qualities, and how their relationship to themselves is linked to the web of life through an inner attitude of service. Anne’s most recent book, Women, Wisdom and Dreams, is reaching a diverse group of women including those in the educational and health fields, women in homeless shelters, and the art and business communities.




When women gather together to sit in circle, stories are often shared.

Please imagine we are sitting together in a circle, that you are part of a group of women who have gathered together and Anne is sharing the following experience with us….

I found myself sitting next to a Mayan grandmother from Peru at a women’s conference. After a few minutes of conversation she asked, “Who are you?” I began to tell her that I founded a nonprofit, and about my work with women.

"No," she said quietly. "Who are you?"

I looked past her at the round tables where women from different spiritual traditions were joining each other for breakfast. This is what I said. The words came not from my mind. "I am a woman who suffered earlier in life, and in the darkness found a light."

She said, "You cannot be shy, you cannot be quiet. You must stand up with this knowledge."

At that moment, my heart, as one of many women's hearts, said Yes.