by Anne Scott

I see a dynamic and vibrant network of light against the darkness. It reminds me of a vast web of lace. I also see that each woman has her own, smaller piece of lace made out of the unique patterns of her life. Our work is to connect our different individual pieces of lace to the larger whole. This will help women understand our interconnectedness and how we can work together. This work is called, “The Lace Project.”

I meet a man from the north who has knowledge about trees. He knows that each tree has a special quality, like a frequency, that nourishes the entire ecosystem around it. Each tree is needed for the wellbeing of the whole. Upon waking, I knew that this dream was about the way in which each individual can nourish life.

I am in an empty house when I see hundreds of hummingbirds outside the window, flying together, forming a single, living force. I don't know if I should let them in.

I see a pregnant woman who is having a sonogram. A friend holds up the sonogram image for me to look at and explains, "Here, at the naval, is the place in a woman where the personal connects with the universal."

There was mud and rain everywhere. But then, on my left, I noticed fresh, green shoots growing up out of the ground. I knew I needed to put my attention on these blades of grass, rather than on the mud. My focus would help these shoots, this new life, to grow.

I saw a bird, perhaps a dove, far off in the sky. It suddenly swooped down at the speed of a jet and flew straight into my chest, and a particular depression I had been experiencing was gone.

I wake up hearing these words from a dream:
     A song to the earth of joy.