DreamWeather & Anne Scott

DreamWeather Foundation grew from the seeds of a dream with an understanding of the need for the feminine to be valued. Based on the feminine principle that a woman carries the wholeness of life within her – the wholeness that is the root of life itself – DreamWeather holds an awareness of the nature of feminine power and longing and its vital role in creating lasting social and global transformation.

Our programs guide women as they discover and live their wisdom. Since its inception, DreamWeather has collaborated with numerous organizations, giving over 80 events in communities around the country, as well as organizing groups and gatherings in retreat centers, churches, in nonprofits, private homes, shelters for homeless women, and community centers.

Our initiatives have evolved from over twenty years of conducting retreats, circles and gatherings, listening to women’s dreams and life stories, and collaborating with women from diverse spiritual and religious traditions. Serving the needs of women in different sectors of society and often supporting women through transition and crisis, DreamWeather, at its core, affirms and nourishes the interconnectedness of all women, all humanity, and the oneness of life.

Anne Scott has been developing and leading workshops and retreats for women for over 20 years in the United States and other countries. From her experience she has come to understand that women and the feminine way are critical for the health and well-being of all life – families, communities, societies and the earth. Her work at DreamWeather Foundation focuses on bringing the feminine principle back into everyday life by cultivating and respecting the relationship women have to themselves and to each other, so that women trust and follow the innate wisdom they have for healing, leading, and social transformation.
Anne has trained in dreamwork and meditation in the Naqshbandi Sufi tradition for 21 years and lives with her family in Northern California.
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The devotion of each of us, and our love for life and for the divine, is a very real necessity today no matter what we do in life. So I listen for this devotion and for this love, because this is something that our hearts know, and often we don’t have the space to speak of this, or share this, or to consciously make it a very real, central core of our lives.

I see first-hand the impact this work can have on women of all walks of life. I have seen the power of women when they trust the depths of their feminine soul and the essential wisdom at their core.

                                             - Anne Scott