Holding Fast

We sat in a circle again, with women at risk of homelessness.  It was not easy to listen to the women that day. Sometimes all we can do is listen. And

Caring for Life

I have been thinking about how a woman can hold life in her heart. A few weeks ago at the daytime center for homeless women, I arranged the chairs in

The Hidden Invitation

I was chastened by a dream I had several years ago. In the dream I was told: There is ecological devastation, but worse is to think that we are not

The Sacred Coming Alive

What I know is that during difficult times, we are taken to the very edge of what is familiar. If we are true to the experience, that is, if we

Deep in the Heart

There is a woman who has come to our group meetings at the shelter for several months. But last week she sat on the grass in the parking lot. “I

How Women Give and Receive

As custodians of life, our families, our communities, the earth, we know the awe of responsibility. But how do we listen to the real need – both in ourselves and

Dreams, the Feminine, & Eternal Wisdom

This article is a collaboration inspired by a four-day gathering of women with indigenous grandmothers, organized by Morningstar Foundation. Dreams Eternal Wisdom

The Gift of Alabama

I was recently invited to go to Alabama to give a retreat, but it was postponed for a later date. A small group of women there decided to meet anyway,

Feminine Spirituality

By David Ian Miller, Special to SF Gate (San Francisco Chronicle online) ©SF Gate Scott was attracted to the basic Sufi idea that love is the essence of God and