luminous collection of stories

In this luminous collection of stories by and about homeless women, Anne Scott conveys the sacred power that bubbles from the wellspring of the feminine soul when plunged into groundlessness.

In Finding Home,

In Finding Home, Anne Scott shares the unique, heartbreaking, and yet fiercely hopeful stories of homeless women of all races and ages. These women, like us, hunger for and seek

about remembering home..

Finding Home is really about remembering “home,” the hearth of the soul in every woman whose inner sacred fire is lit by rising spiritual consciousness. Anne Scott privileges us by

The stories in Finding Home

The stories in Finding Home: Restoring the Sacred to Life confirm my experience of sojourning our common home for 90 years. Wherever we find ourselves, the heart is where we

…not only for me

I learned it is not only for me. I share. We share. What we learn here touches other people.

..first dream

I had the first dream I’ve had in years after coming to this group. The dream helped me to trust that I can make the next step.

I felt so alone

I felt so alone. There are so many people and so little connection. But after I was at the meeting, I felt like I was connected.

My Intution…

My intuition is growing, and I have learned to breathe like the waves, with the wave coming in and then going out like the ocean.

You create space…

You create space for us…allowing us to drop even deeper while delving into the heart of our soul….In allowing for these spaces a treasure can be found.

These tools…

These tools that I learned here are special tools that I need. When I am not in this room, I can practice.