Women Restoring the Sacred to Life

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At DreamWeather our programs guide women to a place of inner knowing where we connect deeply to ourselves, to one another, and to seeding a future where the sacred feminine restores harmony to everyday life.

Throughout 25 years of working with women, I have witnessed, beyond any doubt, that the nature of women’s innate relationship to life and to the sacred is a source of healing and a catalyst for change.

We don’t need degrees or special training to honor life and bring integrity back to our world, but we do need attention, and we need each other.

My sincere wish is that the work of DreamWeather will give you the inspiration and confidence to bring the wisdom of the heart into your everyday life—even where you don’t think it’s possible.

Anne Scott
DreamWeather Founding Director, Facilitator
Author of Finding Home: Restoring the Sacred to Life and Women, Wisdom & Dreams: The Light of the Feminine Soul


Restoring the Sacred to Life

Wow, what a gift!  Finding Home met me just where I was and led me to where I needed to go….Thank you for sharing your story and the stories of these women.…Your book came with some “answers” just at the right time when my sense of hope was floundering.
Thank you.
Elizabeth Lee, Pastoral Care Officer at a homeless hostel, Sydney, Australia


The Light of the Feminine Soul

…each dream bears a message, each carries hope for the future. Women,Wisdom & Dreams will help many women to find and trust their authentic voice.

Anne Baring, author of The Dream of the Cosmos