About DreamWeather

DreamWeather Foundation grew from a dream. A woman carries the wholeness of life within her. Women’s dreams and life stories, and the nature of feminine power and longing revealed through them, play vital roles in creating social and global transformation.

Since its inception in 2000, the Foundation has collaborated with organizations and communities in the United States and around the globe, gathering with women in retreat centers, churches, living rooms, and homeless shelters.

Through programs based on the fundamental qualities of the feminine—Listening, Beauty, Silence, Connection—DreamWeather supports women to uncover and make conscious their forgotten wisdom and their unique contribution to life. Our initiatives affirm and nourish the interconnectedness of all women, all humanity, and the oneness of life.

We sponsor:

Programs that help women awaken their feminine values, connect with community, and nurture practical skills to bring the sacred feminine into the heart of everyday life.

Mentoring is a significant part of our work. We currently mentor those who wish to foster a Listening with the Heart program, our seed program for women facing homelessness and in transition. We offer a training program by Zoom or phone, with follow-up support, and our curriculum can be tailor made to suit the needs of your community.

Books and other resources by Anne that deepen our understanding of the feminine, by bringing the sacred into the heart of everyday life to heal what has become fragmented.

Consultations with Anne for individuals who want to deepen their understanding of the feminine way in relationship to their personal lives or their work in communities. These sessions may also include dreamwork as a trusted path for guidance.

Anne Scott

Founding Director

Anne has spent over 25 years following her passion of working with women to help restore and uncover their innate wisdom and capacity to help life. In her earlier decades, she was fortunate to live and work in different countries, and was immersed in the way of women in many cultures. This experience informed her later work with women. After returning to the United States with her husband and young children, she entered a time of crisis – when she felt something essential was missing. At this time of quiet despair, she started to listen to her dreams, which in turn led her to her teacher and a training in the Sufi tradition.

This training grounded her in a deep understanding that women and the feminine way are essential for the health and wellbeing of all life – families, communities, societies, and the Earth. Through DreamWeather, she focuses on bringing the feminine principle back into everyday life by cultivating and respecting the relationships that women have to themselves and to each other, encouraging them to trust and follow their innate wisdom for healing and transforming society.

Anne writes books and articles about women’s natural wisdom, sacred qualities, and how we are each linked to the web of life through an inner attitude of service. Her recent book, Finding Home: Restoring the Sacred to Life – Stories of Women in Homelessness & Transition, is being used as guidance in creating groups for women and by people working with the feminine and social change.

Anne has spoken at numerous global conferences for women, including the Global Peace Initiative of Women at the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland; Making Way for the Feminine for the Benefit of the World Community in Jaipur, India; and Cultivating Women’s Spiritual Mastery in Italy. She lives in Northern California.

About our Collaborators

Diana Badger

Lead Facilitator

I have pursued various forms of spiritual truth and meaning since I was a teenager, and have come to know the power of meditation to help support one through life’s challenges. Having been ’shocked’ by losses in mid-life, I became passionate about serving and participating with diverse populations that have experienced their own losses and fractures. As a trained counselor and facilitator, I facilitate and mentor groups and design curricula for programs serving homeless women, incarcerated men, children of incarcerated parents, those who serve in caregiving professions, and the elderly. As the Lead Facilitator of our Listening with the Heart program, I am dedicated to the transformative tools of heart meditation, gratitude practice and sharing within community.

Claire Noble


I am committed to the deep feminine and women’s creativity arising from the beauty, goodness and wonder of life. I was homeless in my twenties and embarked on the journey of renewal and remembrance, discovering ‘home’ as the inner fire within all women.

The Artists

Our gratitude to the artists who beautify this website with their paintings. Each, in their own unique way, express their longing and love for life through the medium of paint.

Dreamwork page: Black Horse with Greater Auk from the series When it Rains in the Desert by Alicia Otis

Programs page: The Living Room by Susan Cornelis who is a volunteer with the Listening with the Heart program

Offerings page: An Alignment of Quinces by Terry Furchgott courtesy of the Harris Harvey Gallery, Seattle, USA.

Contact Us page: Tulips and Lace by Linda Kammer

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