The Wisdom of Dreams

Within the deep wisdom of dreams, the sacred nature of life calls to us from far beyond the mind. Honoring this call transforms us and allows us to live in connection with our deepest Self. When we hold the messages of our dreams within our heart and have the courage to live them in the world, they open us and a natural healing can take place.

Dreamwork involves the practice of listening to our dreams, perhaps writing them down, reflecting on them and giving them a space in our daily life. But dreamwork is more than that. It also trains the mind to work with the fluidity of the inner world, revealing the deeper nature of life and its flow. Dreams often show us what needs our attention or love long before there is any outer sign of trouble. The soul speaks to us through our dreams, and it is often the most clear access we have to the deeper wisdom that is always there, within us.

Our dreams also give us access to healing and nourishment that we as a culture hunger for, and that women especially need in order for their hearts to be open. Our modern culture offers little to nourish the hearts of women. And when the hearts of women are not nourished, life suffers. 

One friend had the following dream at a time when she felt she was not doing enough for the world. She wanted to be of service, but felt that raising a family and working was not enough. This desire haunted her days, giving her little rest. Her dream came like a bolt of lightening, waking her up to the power of her ordinary being, taking care of her children, facing the complexities of marriage, and working.

I dreamt I was walking in the pitch-black night of the world. The night was like all the darkness in the world right now. As I was walking, I saw a beacon of light that was kind of surprising to me. Then as I was walking, I saw one by one thousands of lights stand up out of the darkness — beacons all over the world, each one a person holding their own portion of the light in the darkness. I got the sense that each of these beacons was outshining the darkness…more powerful than the darkness. The lights were like lighthouses or beacons for other souls in the world to gravitate to — they would be attracted, so to speak, to the light.


These dreams are here to help us, to guide us, to bridge what has been cut off in our lives and in life itself. When we work with our dreams not simply for our own sake, but for the sake of the greater whole, the clear water of wisdom can flow into our lives. For many women, this wisdom lies underneath the feelings of despair or anger or experiences of suffering, but through devotion we can learn to bear what the dreams may reveal. Just as inside our own darkness is hidden a light that is the very core of our being, so it is with the world.

Our wisdom is often simple so that we often don’t even recognize it. Yet it is essential, this deep natural understanding that springs from, and leads us to what nourishes and heals life.

Anne has written a book on feminine wisdom and dreams titled Women, Wisdom and Dreams: The Light of the Feminine Soul. You can listen to an interview with Anne, Dreams and the Embrace of Life or read an article by her, Dreams, the Feminine, & Eternal Wisdom. She also offers individual sessions that can help to deepen one’s understanding of the feminine way in your own life. These sessions can include dream work as a trusted path for guidance. For more information contact Anne.

The Wisdom of Dreams