Zoom Gatherings for Women
with Anne Scott

How can we once again learn to listen to life and our hearts, so we can act in relation to the deeper stream of life? How can we recognize and hold, listen and restore what is vital to life?

Our devotion, our prayers and love, when we come together, support life in a deep and potent way. There is a sacred wisdom that cries out for us to live in our lives, a feminine wisdom that needs the full consciousness of our relationship to the Sacred.

These gatherings are small, creating an intimate safe space for women to gather together. Every woman is an equal and essential part of the circle; and this is the beauty. There is grace in this way of being together. I hope you will join us!

In Service to Life

Once a month on a Thursday. See dates below.
12 Noon to 1:15pm PDT.

One night after a deep feeling of prayer,
I fell asleep and saw a vertical line of pearls,
as if they were standing up.

This image returns to me now, for we need to remember this feminine quality of beauty, of wisdom, that lives in all of us. For it is said that the sacred flows through a woman into the Earth.

These gatherings provide a space in which women can come together for life – for the world. It is a tremendous gift to understand that we as women really do have a contribution to make now, by coming together in this deeper way, and then living our everyday lives with the awareness that we are connected and can work together this way.

You are welcome to come to one meeting, or more, as you wish.

Women Remembering

Facets of the Sacred Feminine

Once a month on a Tuesday.
5:30 – 6:45 CDT

March 26
Then we take a break until September (date TBA)

In these times of increasing complexity and uncertainty, our circles act as deep, yet simple, reminders, like iron filings and a magnet, restoring or aligning us with our essence. How do we hold this light, to cherish and live this truth in life?

The circle will include a short silent meditation of the heart, and time for sharing and discussion.

Hosted by The Red Shoes,
a non-profit organization for Spiritual Growth, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

For more information about the Red Shoes and to register, please click here or phone 225-338-1170.

Sessions with Anne

If you are drawn to the work of restoring the sacred to life, these individual sessions can deepen your understanding of the feminine way of being in your own life, or in work in communities. These nurturing sessions may also include dreamwork as a trusted path for guidance.

I am touched by your ability to engage the alchemical process in a feminine way with such grace.

A deep, deep dive down into the unconscious, so lovely being there, remembering how beautiful and mysterious the depths are …

Please contact Anne with any questions or to arrange for a session.


We mentor those who wish to foster a Listening with the Heart program, our seed program for women facing homelessness or transition. We offer a training program by Zoom or phone, with follow-up support, and our curriculum can be tailor made to suit the needs of your community.

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We offer books and other resources by Anne that deepen our understanding of the nature of the feminine, by bringing the sacred into the heart of everyday life to heal what has become fragmented.

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