Dreams and the Embrace of Life

The Dreamwork Summit 2019 interview with Anne Scott and host Susan Audrey of The Shift Network.

“I was moved to tears listening to this interview. It was like a bell, like a clear note that helped me to understand the connection between dreamwork and how to care for life.”

The Divine Feminine

Interview with Anne Scott and host Wendy McLaughlin of Sufi Radio on KWMR.

“I am a nurse practitioner, specializing in integrative health care for women. I found your interview to be very moving. I could feel the responses to the interviewer’s questions coming from a deep calm place…like a fountain of nourishing waters for women. I thought, every woman should hear this interview! ”

Women Working with Oneness

Recorded at Women Working with Oneness Conference, San Rafael, CA.

During this conference Anne Scott, Paulette Fox, Sobonfu Somé and Habibe Husain each revealed their own experience of the essential qualities of women. These four speakers affirm that we have a spiritual responsibility to be in the world living from our essential nature as women.


Hallowed Ground

It was just one meal, but it changed my life. I was in my late twenties, a freelance photojournalist living in Hong Kong, and had accepted an assignment to photograph

Dreams, the Feminine, & Eternal Wisdom

This article is a collaboration inspired by a four-day gathering of women with indigenous grandmothers, organized by Morningstar Foundation. Dreams Eternal Wisdom

The Gift of Alabama

I was recently invited to go to Alabama to give a retreat, but it was postponed for a later date. A small group of women there decided to meet anyway,

Feminine Spirituality

By David Ian Miller, Special to SF Gate (San Francisco Chronicle online) ©SF Gate Scott was attracted to the basic Sufi idea that love is the essence of God and