Women Working with Oneness

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Recorded at Women Working with Oneness Conference, San Rafael, CA.

During this conference Anne Scott, Paulette Fox, Sobonfu Somé and Habibe Husain each revealed their own experience of the essential qualities of women. These four speakers affirm that we have a spiritual responsibility to be in the world living from our essential nature as women.

CD 1

Track 1
Anne Scott is an author and teaches dreamwork and meditation with a focus on the integration of the feminine in everyday life.

Track 2
Paulette Fox is an Apaitsitapiiakii (Blackfoot) woman and environmental scientist dedicated to exploring the links between traditional environmental knowledge and western science.

Track 3
Habibe Husain is the founder of Rahima Foundation, a nonprofit serving immigrant women from Bosnia, Somalia, Kosovo and Afghanistan in the San Francisco Bay Area.

CD 2

Track 1
Sobonfu Somé is a spiritual elder from the Dagara tribe in Wet Africa. She is the author of three books, and teacher throughout the U.S. And Europe.

Track 2
Women Working with Oneness
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3 years ago

Thank you,Anne, these small clips are priceless….remembering the power of love is limitless.