An Undiscovered Landscape

I am deeply familiar with the beautiful side of devotion. What has been unfamiliar to me is the fierce side. One night, I experienced this other side of devotion in

There is a Way

In a dream I ask,“How can humanity endure the suffering that is taking place in the world? A teacher tells me, “There is a way, I believe, to relate to

Let It Be

The story of a woman runs deep like an underground river. Sometimes we catch a glimpse of it. Other times, it runs so deep that it lies forgotten – its

To Have and to Hold

A friend wrote to me of a woman’s love song to the earth. It touched my heart because I know it is true. It is a deep listening to the earth’s

Returning Home

Over time, through dreams and images, I began to understand how a woman’s life is connected to the whole. In our Western culture we are conditioned to feel separate and

The Song of the Sacred

A woman asks before going to sleep one night, “How can I help the earth?” She feels a sadness in her life. The next morning as she awakens, she hears these words that come from her depths: A song for the earth of joy.What does this mean? How can a woman live this song?I am reminded of a story that was written in the eighth century about Caedmon.

The Eyes of Mary

In our depths there is wisdom. I was told in a dream that we need to study the depths so that we can truly be of service to life.How do we do this, in our lives? How can we become more aware of seeing the depths where the healing comes from, where change can happen? 

The Heart Knows

What is so private, so inner, is the heart, where our prayers come from, our tears. Where mercy, compassion and love are born. Once I saw a seed in the night, in a dream. It was a seed of compassion. I have been thinking about the heart and the wisdom that lives within.

Holding Life in our Heart

Wisdom speaks to us, when we can listen deeply. Sometimes it comes through a dream.Here is a story about a friend who works in a public school kitchen making meals for young children. She works side by side with women who tell her their stories. Often she listens to tales of hardship and suffering.

The Power of Stillness

I had been thinking about prayer, about stillness. How, in everyday life, we need the power that comes from finding this quality.O Beloved, how do you wish me to be? What is the attitude needed, at this moment?