Seeds of Life, Seeds of Light

It was the first day of a women’s circle at a small safe parking shelter in the town where I live. People who had nowhere else to live, except for

Tending Dreams

Many years ago, I was drawn to learn the language of the dreams and the way they spoke to me. Over the years, sitting in circles with women and listening

The Way of Prayer

In a dream a woman tells me how important it is that we pray each day, and that this way of being helps the children. She impressed upon the need

A Song for the Earth

It was quite a few years ago when I was in a small cabin at a hermitage in the Sonoma Hills. It was only for two days, and turned out

A Hidden Wholeness

Years ago I lived in a small fishing village by the South China Sea, working as a journalist, living with my partner. Our first child was born there. I remember

Once there was a stone…

Recently, I began working with women who are housed in a safe-parking shelter in the small town where I live. We meet in a large white tent. It’s exposed to

Through the Backdoor

A few weeks before the invasion of Ukraine I had an experience in meditation. Towards the end of the half hour, an unexpected image arose. It was of a young

A Steady Heartbeat

In a dream, I am looking at a river. The sound of the river increases until it surrounds me with the intensity of the water flowing by. And then, I

The Power of Silence

Many years ago I had a dream. This dream showed the Earth from a great distance, a luminous, blue jewel against the darkness of space. I saw areas on the

A still place within

I had a dream a year ago showing me the language of life. I was told: Speak about it, this language of life. How to hear it, how to decipher