A Steady Heartbeat

In a dream, I am looking at a river. The sound of the river increases until it surrounds me with the intensity of the water flowing by. And then, I

The Power of Silence

Many years ago I had a dream. This dream showed the Earth from a great distance, a luminous, blue jewel against the darkness of space. I saw areas on the

A still place within

I had a dream a year ago showing me the language of life. I was told: Speak about it, this language of life. How to hear it, how to decipher

I Remember…

I live in a modern sub-division at the edge of a small town. A ten-minute walk takes me to a field surrounded by oak trees, blackberries, oat grass. Neighbors see

This Smaller Linking Up

In this time of flux and change, there are stories that touch us. Stories that speak of a deeper stream inside life, helping us to notice, to remember, or to

The Power of Feminine Healing

At this time when we may feel uncertainty and anxiety about the future, our own lives, and those we love, can we challenge ourselves to step into a place where

When Women’s Hearts are Open…

Over the years I have had many dreams of the work of the feminine, dreams like seeds that carried an energy, a potential. I found the dreams couldn’t remain separate

Bringing Down Heaven

When I first began to work in circles with women, an image arose when I was deep in meditation. The image was of many circles across the country, each circle

A Square Inch of Silence

Eight years ago, when I first began to sit in circle with the women in the shelter, I talked a fair amount. I wanted to explain about the feminine. Then

Through Women the Birds will Hear…

Kathy is new to the women’s shelter circle.She said she had never meditated but she was willing to try. She has eight siblings she has always looked after, and has