The Power of Feminine Healing

At this time when we may feel uncertainty and anxiety about the future, our own lives, and those we love, can we challenge ourselves to step into a place where we know our truth? Where we know our kindness, or joy, and try to live that regardless of what we are faced with? I have

When Women’s Hearts are Open…

Over the years I have had many dreams of the work of the feminine, dreams like seeds that carried an energy, a potential. I found the dreams couldn’t remain separate from my life; I had to learn how to live them. This energy pushed on my shoulders, so to speak, insistent that I listen, and

Bringing Down Heaven

When I first began to work in circles with women, an image arose when I was deep in meditation. The image was of many circles across the country, each circle held in a feminine container that linked heaven and earth. I reflected on this for many years. What did it mean, to connect heaven and

A Square Inch of Silence

Eight years ago, when I first began to sit in circle with the women in the shelter, I talked a fair amount. I wanted to explain about the feminine. Then we would sit in silence before a time of sharing. I would encourage the women to speak, saying that sharing helps to make their own

Through Women the Birds will Hear…

Kathy is new to the women’s shelter circle.She said she had never meditated but she was willing to try. She has eight siblings she has always looked after, and has never had time for herself. After meditation she said quietly, “I thought I heard someone ask, Where’s Kathy? And then God spoke to me asking, How would you

I Rise and Greet You

For me, the day begins before the sun rises. It is a time I love, a time when I am alone, and the world begins anew. I usually open the window to listen. A bird sings a single note, a few houses away. There is something that goes on in this moment before dawn, a

Slowly something comes alive

In our circles with women experiencing homelessness, we create a space for the women to touch a part of themselves so deep, a seemingly remote and unfamiliar terrain. Yet in this created space the women rest. Deeply rest. Because this deeper place belongs to us. We are not separate from it. And this is why

This Light in Life

When I first began working with the women in homelessness, it was a wonder to me how quickly the women responded and were able to connect to their deeper, inner selves. This work amazed me, that the power of being together in a sacred space drew forth their own inner capacities. I had a dream

Communion with Heart and Soul

Listening…perhaps this is the most important time to listen. Listening inwardly as well as to our outer lives and life around us. This listening allows us to hear the heartbeat of our daily actions. If we do not work at this depth, the foundation of anything that we do will not hold. Recently, I had

Finding Strength in Silence

Over and over in our lives, when we sit quietly, in the night or during a brief moment in the day, there is always this question: where do we put our attention? Holding this question, we can become receptive to an inner response. It is how the feminine works. We listen. I remember a few