I am so moved

I am so moved by these women’s stories, and their ability to connect with the Inner and their authentic Truth/Selves.  

I got your book

I got your book Finding Home…I am so deeply thankful about your sharing your experiences…The way you are finding words touches me so deeply… every morning I read a little story

a beautiful work

[This] is a beautiful work – thank you for writing it…You ask if women other than from Northern California can benefit from your work in homeless shelters – YES, YES,

I started to read..

I started to read your book, read it in two evenings. And I was so deeply touched. Again and again I had tears in my eyes. Touched by what the

Your book is beautiful

Thank you!!  Your book is beautiful, graceful, elegant—skillfully blending inside and outside, external homeless with internal homeless, while honoring both and not minimizing the women in shelters.  The book is

just finished Finding Home

I just finished Finding Home. I found it deeply moving and inspiring. It feels like a glimpse into a world of possibilities we’ve barely begun to tap… It would be

new book stunning..

This new book is stunning, deep and beautiful. Today I am taking it with me to share with our meditation group.  I want to share it with everyone: the ESL teachers,

glorious day

It was a glorious day. The women loved it so much. The day after, the women really got sharing heart to heart stories with each other, trusting the commonality of

such a rich morning..

It was such a rich morning of sharing and meditating with you and Diana and the other women who lead and hold the circles for our homeless community of women.  It

I was pretty low…

I was pretty low and overwhelmed earlier in the week, floundering on how to move forward… So I had taken a step back, surrendered to the uncomfortable place and also