Communion with Heart and Soul


Listening…perhaps this is the most important time to listen. Listening inwardly as well as to our outer lives and life around us. This listening allows us to hear the heartbeat of our daily actions. If we do not work at this depth, the foundation of anything that we do will not hold.

Recently, I had a dream that spoke with clarity – a reminder of a deeper way to be. In the dream I was given yellow cornmeal. In the center of the corn meal was a smaller amount of blue corn meal. I was to cook the yellow cornmeal each day, and to always include the blue cornmeal inside of whatever I prepared.

For me, blue is the color of devotion. Of the feminine. Of the sacred. Corn is life, and corn is also the nourishment for life.

I shared this dream with a friend who runs a hermitage in the mountains where people of all faiths and traditions come for solitary retreat. She replied:

Thank you for sharing your dream, as I feel it is deeply true for me as well. We have to stay very true/blue anchored by hope and continue to nourish ourselves and others with our daily bread, our daily lives – this corn meal.

Your dream nourished me, as I too had a dream about life. When I awoke I felt the dream was reminding me how important it is to feel deeply alive, especially now. Your dream reminded me that this aliveness is fed by the blue corn meal of devotion.

I feel it is so important to remember the power of this blue, the essence within life. The seed inside of chaos – the love that holds creation. We are linked together by it.

Just as listening can help another person to live from a deeper truth, my sense is that we are also listening to life, to help restore its sacred nature. Our communion with heart and soul reaches out to hold life in love.

With gratitute to Marti Fenton White Deer Song for sharing her beautiful painting, ‘Corn Dawn Maiden.’

Communion with Heart and Soul
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7 years ago

I just wrote you an email, Anne, and decided to read, well, reread, your blog. I must have read it too fast the first time thinking I could go back and read it again and take it in. However, I think I wasn’t ready to read it then. Tonight it deeply moved me and it addressed something I have just been taking in after a personal transition. It touched the Happiness within me. It is so beautiful. Thank you for this sharing.

7 years ago

Thank you so much, Julia, for your insight!

7 years ago

Do you think this listening is a form of witnessing during this time of transition?