Our natural way


I know many women who are trying to understand a fresh way of being in life, of how we become conscious of the feminine, of the sacred that is a natural way. I think about this deep, dark place in women that is our natural capacity to be receptive to love. I remember a woman being told in a dream, “Women have forgotten their capacity.”

I had a dream recently that reflects how we can be with this inner knowing. In the dream I overhear a young man talking about the masculine, and how it helps a woman to see the river of God. But he says that a woman cannot give the masculine that power to see for her.

It must come from within herself.What does this feel like, to see from within?

Sometimes I am caught in old structures, old patterns of being, and then it isn’t possible to remember this natural way. It is isolating, and I feel alone. Yet this other way is connected, intimate, like the deep river in my dream. This coming and going, this ebb and flow, is so sacred.

Our natural way
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10 years ago

Thank you Anne, I hadn’t realised you had answered here…

11 years ago

Thanks Veronique, you articulated this beautifully.. .it’s so deeply moving, especially how you come to an answer at the end…in the bird singing.

11 years ago

Thank you Anne,

11 years ago

This is beautiful, and the Yuba happens to be a river that I love. Thank you for sharing this…it does evoke the longing that many feel….

11 years ago

The river! I posted this photo on FB lately and SO many people are responding to it! Collective longing…

Anne Hillman
11 years ago

Lovely, Anne, as always. . .