Our new blog…


Welcome! My name is Anne. A few weeks ago I saw an image of this blog page in a dream. On the left of the page was a profile of a pregnant woman. I knew that I had to hold the intention for this blog, and not fill it with my ideas about what it’s supposed to be.

So this first blog is purposefully simple. The blog is dedicated to giving voice to the inner knowing of women. It has to do with the feminine – connecting to what is essential and sacred within us and in life.

Many sages and elders speak of the importance of women’s sacred work for the earth and the world. There are no guidelines in this work. It is through our sharing of insights, dreams, visions, stories of our lives – in our coming together – that we are learning how to live this responsibility in our day to day life.

And the internet – this living web – is allowing us to connect to the simple oneness that we are each a part of.

I will be writing regularly, and hope and encourage you to respond and share

Our new blog…
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12 years ago

Anne, the beautiful work we did together with my dream help me on a whole new level – thank you –

Kristina Turner
12 years ago

Hello Anne, I am so glad to see your spirit shining forth on the cusp of Winter Solstice in this beautiful new website! Your voice is a treasure, here to inspire the dreams of many. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and making a space here for us to come together. With Love and Blessings, Kristina

Anne Hillman
12 years ago

Dear Anne, I spent the last two nights reading your beautiful book, Women, Wisdom, and Dreams. It is absolutely beautiful–short, elegant, wise. It calmed me. Your ‘languaging’ is just right and its rhythm and cadence show me that it flows from a deep Source. Please keep writing. You are doing important work, Anne. In a world and a time of great complexity, I am choosing to simplify my life but I’m signing up for your blog. I hope you keep it simple and short like this. With blessings and with Love, Anne Hillman