The Eyes of Mary


In our depths there is wisdom. I was told in a dream that we need to study the depths so that we can truly be of service to life.How do we do this, in our lives? How can we become more aware of seeing the depths where the healing comes from, where change can happen?

This morning as I began to write, a story wanted to be told. It has to do with what took place at the women’s shelter recently. In our meditation meeting with the women there, something happened – a magic, a grace.

I shared with the women a dream I had many years ago. I had not thought of this dream for a long time. But suddenly it was there.

It was a dream that came in response to a question I had inwardly asked, about the direction of my work. The dream showed me that the feminine was where I needed to place my focus. In the dream was the moon. It shone softly down on the earth in rays, soft and diffuse, but so powerful that they spread over the areas that are inflamed due to conflict and war. In the dream I heard a voice say: Wherever the feminine touches, there is healing.

Ginny, who co-facilitates the group, then remarked on a small jar of rosemary that was next to a candle on the table behind us. She had just found out that rosemary is known as the Rose of Mary. It is said that Mary spread her blue cloak over a white-blossomed rosemary bush when she was resting, and the flowers turned blue.

She also shared that the common blue flower that lines the rural roads, Forget-me-not – is known in France as Les Yeux de Marie, or the Eyes of Mary.

I wasn’t sure why Ginny spoke about this, but our meetings are often like this – a sharing that opens up a space. Structured, but empty as well.

Several women had to leave early, so towards the end of the meeting there was just one woman. She asked about her recurring dreams. She spoke softly, with a gentle trace of her native tongue in Latin America, where she lived 20 years ago.

She walks in the night, she said, and prays, before going to bed in the shelter. She prays to become more conscious, to have more compassion and to give good energy to the women in the shelter. In her dreams she is caring for women, protecting them.

I sensed that her dreams had to do with an inner experience of caring for her own wounded feminine, and that as she becomes aware of this, she would also be able to help other women, simply by her presence.

From her dream I learned that something in her had been cut off; she had not been able to blossom. But now, as she began to understand her dreams, a light can enter these dark places within.

As we talked about this possibility, she placed her face in her hands. I knew she was crying. The room was quiet. Touching her heart, she said, “It is soft here now. This is a gift.”

On that day, the divine feminine, so barely understood by the mind, was shining down its soft light.

I think of the Eyes of Mary – this simple flower, so commonplace, that thrives alongside rural roads and neglected places.  I think of how we hold the beauty inside us, how we hold it for one another, and for the earth.

The Eyes of Mary
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11 years ago

In a guided meditation, a bue butterfly appeared as my Spirit Guide. Then in Aruba, I took a picture of a blue butterfly, only blue on the inside, so it was a fluttery blur. I found the same blue on Mary’s mantel on a holy card, called Virgin of Tenderness. Maria, a healer and psychic with piercing blue eyes, helped me discover my own wounded child. And now this!!!! I am so grateful for being nudged back to the Feminine this snowy morning. Thank you, Anne!

11 years ago

Thank you Julia. Your longing reminds me of a dream I once had many years ago in which I was told: “Don’t worry. Some day you will see Her in everything.” The dream surprised me. Back then I did not even know that I wanted to see Her everywhere. So the dream awakened my conscious longing. And this longing, I feel, is what opens us to the sacred within and in life. And grace.

11 years ago

“Wherever the feminine touches, there is healing.”

11 years ago

Thank you for this offering. We are not alone anymore! Together we blossom…

11 years ago

Your writing is as a prayer. I feel grateful for your wisdom and the beautiful way that you express the longing of the Feminine. You are, indeed, a wonderful mid-wife, helping and encouraging all of us. Thank you for the important work you are doing.

11 years ago

Beautiful. Thanks, Anne

Anne HIllman
11 years ago

Always lovely, Anne. Thank you, it is with me this morning as we begin a new group here. With Love, Anne