Working with the Sacred


I heard in a dream these words: Enter. Behold. I am above. I am below. It touched me deeply. When I silently repeated it over the next few days and weeks, I could feel its sacred quality.  I now look back at the timing of this dream and I feel it fresh and alive.

What I want to write about today is not easy. For it has to do with something so sacred. It has been hidden in my consciousness for most of my life. I catch glimpses of a certain knowledge of feminine consciousness, and then my patterns or old wounds cover it over again. Each time, however, more is revealed.

And lately, what I feel is to share about this sacred way of being in relation to our everyday life. It is, one could say, about living love. It is to live life as a song.

More recently, I have experienced a sense of urgency in making conscious this knowledge. I think many women feel this now. And with this intention, the knowledge comes to meet us, too.

I had once been told in a dream that this feminine consciousness can be understood through stories.

So I share a story about a grandmother I know. She works as a physical therapist, and was also very worried about her grown children and her grandchildren. Over time, she became exhausted.

She said:  “I have been seeking my relationship to the feminine for years – the energy source. I am not a good conduit. I had a difficult relationship with my mother. The energy isn’t able to flow through me. But then I had this dream:

I was with a woman, telling her about all my fears, mostly about my children. I was telling her that I am always in a hyper-vigilant place. The woman doesn’t say anything, but she gives me a vial of rose oil. She tells me to put it on my wrists and my lips, often, during the day.  It was then time to make a meal, as the children would be returning soon. I asked her,  “Can I help you?” The woman said, “That’s my job. Your job is to rest.”

“I knew the dream didn’t mean to get a good night’s sleep,” she continued. “I’ve been thinking about it for days. It has to do with how I am. To rest is to be in the stillness. This is a different way to be.

”Her dream spoke to me, too. Maybe it touches you who read this. I know many others who have had similar experiences where life, or a dream, calls out for us to stop old patterns that come from a wound.

To live instead this song. This way to be, as a prayer, even while we take care of the needs of each day.

Enter. Behold. I am above. I am below. 

Working with the Sacred
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11 years ago

I struggle with how to live my life in the way you mention:

Cori Hetzel
11 years ago

I am in deep gratitude for you, my sister, my friend, for your naming a process, in moments of love, that I allow. Enter, move into my Heart. Behold, the beauty there. I am below, part of my Heart moves deep into the center of our Mother, the Earth and stays there, anchored. Part of my Heart moves back up through my Heart and out beyond into the vastness to the center of the Universe, then in a movement of total LOVE, above and below meet in my Heart. I am the Bridge between above and below. We are all the Bridge. I am in joy to be a Bridge and radiate this Oneness out of my heart. It is such a joy that Father Sky and Mother Earth are kissing every day, we need only remember.

11 years ago

How helpful it is to read about your experience. Thank you for sharing it and for your question about ‘resting.’ What does this mean when the reality of putting dinner on the table faces us daily? I think this is not just about making dinner, but how we meet the needs of life or family. Just like your taking a moment to breath in the smell of rose perfume, returning you to your body and soul, this ‘resting’ means a subtle shift in awareness.

11 years ago

I have been noticing how my mind really likes to undermine me, creating a sense of hopelessness, and so I tried out the rose oil, by imagining I am breathing in the smell of rose perfume… And it works, it really stopped my mind enough for me reconnect to my body, to gather myself. I am surprised that even the wisdom in another person’s dream can be so potent. But I do not understand what was said about resting when the dinner needs to be made.