Dreamwork and the Longing for Wisdom

Wisdom is so simple that we overlook it, undervalue it; often we do not even recognize it. Yet there is nothing more important. This wisdom is the deep natural understanding

On Meditation

It was an ordinary evening with my family. I was sitting in the living room, comfortably reading a review that included a quote from Carl Jung. It was a simple

Contribution of the Feminine

Women now have a responsibility to the earth, to future generations, and to life itself. At this critical juncture in history, women need to remember their natural feminine spirituality at

Hallowed Ground

It was just one meal, but it changed my life. I was in my late twenties, a freelance photojournalist living in Hong Kong, and had accepted an assignment to photograph

The Gift of Alabama

I was recently invited to go to Alabama to give a retreat, but it was postponed for a later date. A small group of women there decided to meet anyway,