On Mentorship in Seeding Circles for Those Living with Homelessness or At Risk Of

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I was pretty low and overwhelmed earlier in the week, floundering on how to move forward… So I had taken a step back, surrendered to the uncomfortable place and also opened myself up in a different way to the divine that I know is in, with and through me (and all of creation).  It was in this place of receptivity that I began to read Finding Home, only to find my eyes filling with tears…I sense what you have introduced me to is what I have been looking for.

These stories speak to my experience of [holding space for] homeless men and women. So it is my intention to take your process of creating listening circles, modified by my own experience [working with this population], and informed by my training as a spiritual director and pastoral listener, and offer a prototype 6 week program.

Thank you for all the inspiration you have given me and for encouraging me to step out into this grace-filled space.

~ Pastoral Care Officer, Sydney, Australia


It was such a rich morning of sharing and meditating with you and Diana and the other women who lead and hold the circles for our homeless community of women.  It was also inspiring and reconfirming for me.

[…] What a wonderful circle it was last Friday.  The women truly enjoyed it.  I feel very grateful to you for taking the time to come and facilitate for us…What I love and appreciate is that you not only hold the space for us, but you create space for us…the gentle pause that allows us to drop even deeper while delving into the heart of our soul.  This I am learning from you all.  It reminds me how in music it is said that what matters most is not the notes, which are played when creating a beautiful piece, but rather the spaces in between the notes.  Yes, in allowing for those spaces, a treasure can be found.

~ Homeless Shelter Case Manager, Sonoma, CA


It was a glorious day. The women loved it so much. The day after, the women really got sharing heart to heart stories with each other, trusting the commonality of all of us. Everyone appreciated the experience.

We now have two days a week of morning meditation of 10-15 minutes to enjoy the silence and quiet. The women love the silence. I tell them, “Close your eyes and relax, breathe deeply,” just like you showed us. “Focus on the inner woman within yourself.” Two or three have found jobs. It has been very positive.

~ Life Skills Director, Bishop Ott Sweet Dreams Shelter for Women & Children, Baton Rouge, LA

On Mentorship in Seeding Circles for Those Living with Homelessness or At Risk Of
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