Contribution of the Feminine

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Women now have a responsibility to the earth, to future generations, and to life itself. At this critical juncture in history, women need to remember their natural feminine spirituality at the deepest level in order to change life. It is our relationship to our inner life that will allow a pure energy of change into the world from a place that is real.

Women have a direct and innate relationship to the source of all life and to creation, but this knowledge has largely been forgotten. The way to work with the interconnections of life as a self-regulating, dynamic organic structure, has been pushed into the shadows of our culture. In all realms of social change, without this wisdom of oneness, life cannot be nourished and the earth cannot be healed.

The physical body of the feminine is the link between the divine and the earth, and has a particular contribution to make at this time of transition. When we listen to our inner life, particularly to the dreams of women from different spiritual traditions, a common theme runs through like a golden thread. It is that the feminine holds the healing energy needed for life and for the earth. In the words of one woman’s dream, “It is time for women to care for the earth.”

Why? Because the essential qualities of the feminine assist us in working with life’s wholeness, working in harmony with life’s natural rhythms rather than imposing on life. Understanding that life has within it what it needs, the feminine qualities of listening, allowing, receptivity and relating, are what can catalyze real change.

The wisdom of the feminine has been hidden deep within the unconscious, but now it is more accessible, much like a deep underground spring rising to the surface of our consciousness. Women have the capacity to bring together what has been split apart when they are able to embrace the feminine principle within themselves and become receptive to their deeper wisdom.

DreamWeather Foundation’s programs support this emerging feminine consciousness of the oneness of humanity through the empowerment and healing of women. In the words of Paulette Fox, a Blackfoot environmental scientist who was a speaker at our recent Women Working with Oneness forum, “This is why the work with women is so important. Women are the earth.”

Our programs facilitate the deepest level of transformation, bringing to women in communities and organizations in different parts of the country, a rare reflection of their real nature. The effectiveness of our programs is seen in the empowerment of women transforming their lives, their families, and their communities. Women learn to work with the power of their natural feminine spirituality in their daily life and work.

DreamWeather provides both large and smaller gatherings for women, including seminars, workshops, retreats, conferences and forums, that facilitate women in living their full feminine spiritual potential which is needed at this time of global transformation.

Contribution of the Feminine
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